While technology and the impact it has on campaigns changes, some things stay the same. Take direct mail, for example.

When combined with technology, the old way of reaching a target audience can be maximized for efficient and effective reach of voters.

The use and utility of direct mail will never go away. It will evolve, but it will never go away.

At Victory Enterprises, our message and design team embraces both the old and new, and integrates each into elements of the other.

Mail Elements In Digital

Once a mail piece has been designed, there’s more uses for it than just print. One of the easiest ways to expose more people to it is to use the design to replicate digital display advertising. The landing page digital display advertising leads to can also be replicated for use as website content and design. This provides continuity of message and design.

Digital Elements in Mail

By adding a Quick Response (QR) Code to a mail piece, recipients can use their phone to scan the piece and be taken directly to a website with more information about a candidate or candidate’s position than the mail piece is able to offer. This technology puts the user in control of how much they want to engage with the candidate beyond receipt of the mail itself.

If you are interested in innovative ways to mix old and new advertising details into your campaign, reach out to our experts now! Send an email to: Info@victoryenterprises.com