On November 9th, the political commercials, social media ads, phone calls and mail will all be over. Until then, the campaign is in full swing, and candidates and their teams are getting ready for the election. In preparation for the November election, candidates will be getting all of their content together.

Here’s what you need to know and expect in order to be ready for your video shoot.

Bring several changes of clothes:

We will be shooting images and videos that will play over the course of your campaign. The variety of outfits will help make your images feel fresh to the viewer.

Bring nice clothes:

Bring at least one nice outfit. A coat and tie or dress, and something business casual will look great for content that needs a more formal feel.

What to Avoid:

Stay away from tight patterns (pinstripes, tiny checks) and very loud patterns (Hawaiian shirts). Avoid logos or graphic designs on all articles of clothing. Choose solid colors and bold colors as much as your wardrobe allows. Faded or pastel colors can wash you out.

Also, try to avoid solid white or solid black as the primary color.. Use solid colors as accents like a red tie or blue scarf.

During the Film Shoot:

Our production team has helped numerous campaigns with their photo and video needs. Whether you have experience in front of the camera or have stage fright, we do what we can to make the experience professional and effective.

We will provide guidance on locations, positioning, and give you plenty of time for reshoots and multiple takes. We want you to be comfortable and satisfied with the final product.

If you’re making last-minute plans to film a tv or digital ad, reach out to Ben Muehleisen, our head of production via e-mail at: ben@victoryenterprises.com