A Guest Column By: Casey Burns

Many candidates find fundraising to be the most difficult part of campaigning. Asking for a financial investment for your campaign can feel intimidating and unnatural, but without raising the funds it is impossible to get your winning campaign message out to voters. To get organized and stay on top of your goals, it can be very useful to hire fundraising help.

Create Structure

A professional fundraiser helps map out a comprehensive plan, aligns budget goals with campaign needs, and provides guidance. In my experience, candidates typically find the confidence to meet donors, dial for dollars, and work toward their budget goals once that structure has been established.

Manage Goals

Fundraising primarily consists of time spent making phone calls, setting coffee meetings, outlining your campaign message to potential donors, and following up to make sure those commitments come through. Consistency is key with fundraising. A fundraiser will enforce time management, making sure you accomplish set goals for the day or week, while still making time for meeting the voters and attending events.

Get Creative With Your Events

Fundraising efforts vary depending on the campaign, but a professional fundraiser will help you plan events to meet your fundraising goals. Wine and whiskey tastings, trivia nights, raffles, and more can all be great opportunities to connect with donors and solicit funds. A fundraiser will help with the details, such as booking the venue, who to invite, and the flow of the event.

Add Value To Your Team

When hiring a fundraiser, you should think of them as an essential part of your campaign team, whose advice you respect and follow. Remember, a campaign fundraiser’s primary job is to help you identify individuals who are financially able and willing to give to a candidate with your profile. They are full of useful information that will give you an edge against the competition. When they tell you to call, make the call!

Hiring a campaign fundraiser should bring a sense of organization and professionalism to your campaign. A fundraiser works behind the scenes to help set the candidate up for success by scheduling meetings, tracking commitments, and providing donor backgrounds. All of this sets you up to succeed. However, the act of asking for a contribution ultimately falls on the candidate.

Campaigns continue to change, and new ways emerge to raise money. Your fundraiser will help you navigate your options, plan your fundraising strategy, and equip you to do the necessary work of funding a campaign. It is hard work to build relationships and foster investment in your race, but with the help of a professional fundraiser, you can get it done.

If you have questions or want to start building a fundraising plan, reach out to a consultant at Victory Enterprises today!