For candidates, there is no better time to be outdoors and interacting with potential voters than the summer months, and there are no more widely attended community events than parades and fairs.

You don’t have to scramble – Make sure your campaign is fully prepared ahead of this year’s appearances.

Palm Cards or Sports Schedules

Do not attend any event without something to hand out and leave with voters. These are easy to hand out before, during and after the parade, and they serve as a good representation of who you are and what you stand for.

Plus, parade attendees don’t have much to do while waiting for things to kick off, so new reading material might be a welcome change of pace!

Signs and Banners

At parades, signs or banners should be brought and volunteers should hold them as you walk the parade route. At a fair, they can be left behind at your local county party booth for people to pick up and take home. Your banner can also be hung among the other candidates’ banners within the booth.

Candy Bags

Before a parade, have volunteers walk the parade route to hand kids campaign branded candy collection bags. It’s an easy way to put your logo on something that will be used, seen and brought home full of candy.

Custom Knicknacks

To really stand out and give parade-goers something to get excited about, consider custom, imprinted knicknacks – pens or pencils, mini frisbees, fans or notepads. Children love collecting small items, and items like pens and notepads always end up being tossed into a drawer and used at a later time.

At Victory Enterprises, we offer all of the above products to campaigns. They can also be utilized in the same way by businesses and companies looking to promote their brand, products and services.

For a complete list of parade essentials, or to place an order, contact us today!