1. How’d you get started with Victory Enterprises?
My boyfriend (now husband) Chris and I were planning on staying in Minnesota where we were born and raised. We both attended college in MN and got ‘ok’ jobs right after graduation. Just before we signed on a lease, Chris was offered a job at John Deere in the Quad Cities. The job was too good to pass up and we moved down here. Shortly after, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to put my skills to work joining VE as a Web Developer.

2. What do you do at Victory Enterprises?
I started with VE as a Web Developer. Over the years, as we’ve continued to grow, my job has transformed from Front-end Web Developer to Back-end Web Developer to Project Manager and finally to my current position: Director of Technology. As the Director of Technology, I oversee multiple divisions within Victory Enterprises and help our clients, from corporate to candidates, develop innovative websites, data systems, mobile apps and much more!

3. What VE project that you’re working on (or worked on) are you most excited about?
VictoryVR has got to be the most exciting. I mean, who doesn’t think Virtual Reality is one of the most fun, up and coming products out there?

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
“Never stop learning”
This must be followed in the every changing technology world.

5. Cubs or Cardinals?
Umm… Twins? 😉 Kidding, I’m not much of a baseball fan so I’ll go with Cardinals just to make Kevin mad.