Once a candidate has decided to run for office, it’s time to start assembling a trusted ground team, and there is not a more important role than that of the campaign manager.

Too many first-time (and even veteran) candidates think they can occupy this job themselves. They are wrong. The candidate’s role is to have face-to-face interaction with voters, raise money, and satisfy media obligations. They should not be preoccupied with day-to-day minutiae.

The campaign manager is responsible for the candidate scheduling, recruitment and management of campaign workers as well as volunteers, budget management, campaign communications and acting as a spokesperson for the candidate.

It is their role to keep the candidate, and the campaign, on track. They make sure that there are representatives at all important events, that the candidate is where they are supposed to be, and that the candidate’s time is not squandered. It is a vital position in your campaign that should be filled as soon as possible.

The campaign manager should be an individual that is organized, willing to put in long hours, and is committed to you and your campaign.

They should be politically experienced and immersed in the politics of the district. Not only will they be making important scheduling decisions, but you will rely on them for a wide range of strategic choices. They must be organized, knowledgeable, and driven.

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