Bring on summer campaign season! Whether you’re a first time candidate or regular on the route, parades are one of the biggest opportunities to showcase your campaign. We have 5 helpful tips for making your parade presence a memorable one!

Stay Out of the Car

If you have a cool convertible or fancy truck, it will look really nice with your banner attached to the side, but you should not be in it. Keep your feet on the ground and your hands ready to shake. Winners connect with the voters on the route, putting in the steps. Don’t put distance between yourself and the people you’re trying to impress.

Load up on Supplies

Parades need more than candy to function. For your volunteers, make sure you have water accessible, candy and literature to hand out along the route, and stickers to get on every man, woman, and child who will accept one. If you’re looking for a one and done purchase for all your branded, parade and fair needs, check out the Victory Parade Bundle!

Volunteers over Decorations

A beautifully decorated float may seem like the way to capture attention, but voters are consistently more impressed with the force of your supporters than your decorating skills. Get them in t-shirts and have them walking with you and mingling in the crowd. The more the merrier and the bigger the impact on the crowd. The earlier you get people recruited, the more time to have to order t-shirts for a professional look.

Walk the Route Early

Send your volunteers out early with palm cards, stickers, or branded candy bags to pass out before the action starts. You have a captive audience waiting for the parade to start, and they’re more likely to read over your push piece as they wait. As more people join, they’ll see your information and logo everywhere.

Brand Everything

If you pass out a candy bag to kids, make sure it has your sticker on it. If you have a vehicle or float, cover it in your logo. If you wear a t-shirt or a polo, make sure it has your logo. Parades are not the time to be shy. Brand everything.


Your Parade Checklist:

  • 10-20 Volunteers to walk the route with you
  • T-Shirts for every volunteer
  • 1000 palm cards to pass out
  • 2500 Stickers to pass out
  • A large banner or corrugated plastic sign to attach to a truck, trailer, or other vehicle
  • Bags of candy
  • Several cases of water
  • Bonus Swag: Can coolers, frisbees, rally fans or more are all available from the team at Victory to help you make a big impression on the parade route!