Cory Done, Research Director

The quality of the opposition research product hinges on several key elements, including accuracy and thoroughness, but there are two especially important factors that we believe are critical to delivering a useful and effective product to our clients.

The first is timing. When it comes to research collection, being mindful of timing can mean the difference between finding useful information on a social media account and missing out when that information is deleted by the user. But timing also comes into play when considering the entire course of the campaign cycle and calendar. Endorsements may be released as late as a few weeks before Election Day, and sometimes the most important campaign finance-related information is made public in the final months of campaign season.

Timing in research is important and it shapes not just our approach to research, but also our client relationships. We view these relationships as partnerships over the long haul, and look to provide actionable information to campaigns even after a research report has been finalized and delivered.

The second, which can often be overlooked, is formatting. As both consumers and producers of political research, we understand what moves the needle of public opinion, and our research product is formatted accordingly. Because we know that even the best information is useless if it is buried in a jumble of headlines and text, we use a narrative style to make for easy consumption of lengthy reports and guide the end user to the findings they can’t afford to miss.

Our focus on these elements — accuracy, thoroughness, timing, formatting and usability — helps us deliver on our commitment to providing an unsurpassed research product to political campaigns that is truly useful and impactful. We want to make sure your next campaign is well-equipped to win, and that starts with being well-informed.

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