At Victory Enterprises safety is our priority. We want to assure you that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep both staff and clients safe and healthy. As we continue to monitor the pandemic and adjust our protocols accordingly, we will continue to use the best practices throughout the industry and keep clients informed.

Changes on production sets will include limiting talent and crew on set to essential personnel only; when possible, crew members may be assigned to multiple tasks on set, such as operating a camera while also recording audio. Talent will be required to show up on set “camera ready,” however if hair and makeup artists are necessary Victory will hire external staff based on strict safety protocols. We will prioritize the use of local crew to minimize the use of travel as much as possible. This travel limitation will also apply to the catering of food on set. All food, including lunch, will be ordered from local establishments and must be individually packaged. Certain food exclusions will apply such as pizza or other commonly shared food.

We guarantee that all necessary safety and health precautions will be taken at every step. All crew members will be required to wear protective face masks and disposable gloves while on set. It is our requirement that crew members wash their hands between every glove change, hand sanitizer will be available as well. Crew members will also be asked to wear long pants in order to minimize the risk of contact. We will require all talent and crew to remain a minimum of six feet apart at all times and when unavoidable, crew members will work side-by-side as opposed to face-to-face to minimize contact. Additionally, the use of wireless microphones attached to talent will only be used when absolutely necessary.

Upon arrival to set, all talent and crew members will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer and additionally throughout the day. Any person on set with a fever will be sent home immediately. Any crew members or talent showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses will be asked to stay home. We ask that all talent and clients do their part to protect our staff as well and keep us informed on your travel and health prior to any production shoots.

The good news is that Victory already uses small, local crews when possible and we pride ourselves on creating quality content while being efficient with your time and money. The added safety protocols have been specifically designed to minimize any scheduling and budgeting conflicts. We will continue to be flexible and understanding in our shooting locations, scheduling, casting, and overall production in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our company promises to provide continued support to each client despite these changes, to the best of our ability.