This month Victory Enterprises is highlighting the benefits of auto-calls. They are a good way for campaigns to reach voters in an easy, affordable, and, in a post-coronavirus world, safe way.

In our recent piece, Auto Call Dos and Don’ts, we gave you helpful tips about what you must include, what you should include and what you want to avoid when preparing your call. As a continuation on topic, we take you through the simple steps you’ll need to go through when you actually make the call.

  1. Write your script. When doing so, you must include the name of the entity initiating the call, as well as the phone number or address. Don’t forget your disclaimer!
  2. Contact Leslie Owens ( for a quote. She will also provide you with detailed instructions for recording your call.
  3. Follow the instructions and record your call. Once complete, let Leslie know and she will email you the audio of your recording for your review.
  4. When approved, let Leslie know the day and time you’d like the call to be delivered.
  5. Provide Leslie with your call list and the phone number you would like to appear on the caller ID.

That’s it! Contact us TODAY to get started!