Danielle Savage-Hobbs is a creative and adept wordsmith who enjoys employing her affinity for language to help VE’s clients achieve their dreams.

“I just love communicating with people. It is exciting for me to see words come together effectively and meaningfully and see how that impacts people,” Danielle explained. “I feel like I get the chance to be incredibly creative every day. Every candidate comes from a different community with different needs. And it’s interesting to me to see the number of ways I can tell a candidate’s story.”

Danielle’s love for writing began at an early age, but her passion for politics and public affairs came later.

“Writing has always been a passion of mine. I wrote my first book in the first grade and was pretty hooked on the idea of telling people things with scribbles on paper,” continued Danielle. “I wanted to write novels and I still do. But for many young people my age, 2016 was an eye-opening political experience. I felt a higher calling to political engagement and making sure issues were heard.”

With the ever-changing and expanding political media landscape, Savage-Hobbs is responsible for crafting impactful messages for a wide variety of channels. She finds the amount and challenging nature of the work particularly rewarding.

“I work with all our consultants on all their client’s written needs. This means videos, radio, mail, literature, press releases, web copy, blog posts, letters, what have you,” Danielle said. “I worked on over 700 mail pieces last year. Honestly making it out alive was a big deal to me.”

Danielle’s advice for her clients is simple: More is More.

“Tell us everything. No story, hobby, interest, fun fact is too small,” Danielle explained. “My job is easier when I have a full picture of your personality.”

Outside of the office, 2019 has been a momentous year for Danielle as she and Tyler Hobbs were recently married and have begun their new life together.

“I got married this year, which was a dream come true,” Danielle concluded. “[We] have a toothless cat, named Fergus. He had a rare, auto-immune disorder that made him allergic to his own teeth so we had them removed. He is very happy and normal now. We also have a standard-issue dog with no problems named McCoy.”

If you are a candidate or small business owner who has a story that needs to be told, contact Danielle today!