By Danielle Savage-Hobbs

They say campaigns are won by dollars raised and doors knocked. But one of the biggest ways to make an impact on your district is through direct mail.

When it isn’t possible to knock every door and call every voter, targeted mail campaigns can make a huge difference. With mail, you can take the time to explain your issue and really get to the heart of your story through moving imagery and really specific language.

One of the reasons I like writing mail is because I feel like we get to craft a longer narrative. Think of it like a hero’s journey. Someone cares about a cause and sets out to make a change. They have noble goals and dreams for their community but has opposition in the form of an incumbent or opponent who doesn’t line up with their ideals. In the end, they issue a rallying cry for everyone to come out to the polls and defend their values.

For all the mail I wrote in the 2018 race, I had the chance to tell a story over several pieces of mail that encouraged people to learn, engage, and ultimately, make their voice heard. I can’t wait to tell your story in 2020!

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