When it comes to posting something on social media, it is done with one purpose – to be seen. That applies to individuals, businesses, campaigns, nonprofits, and any organization with a page.

With the way social media algorithms work, the best way to be seen is to post content with high engagement (likes, shares, comments), and to pay to have the content disseminated to a targeted audience.

Videos tend to outperform images and graphics in terms of engagement by about double, so it makes sense that the trend on social media is toward posting videos.

Here’s a little about the two traditional types of video, and their pros and cons.

Organic Videos

Organic videos are live or recorded videos that are posted on a social media page.

  • Pros:
    • There’s no production involved and they are done on the fly.
    • The value with them is that they are simple and can be easily recorded.
    • Does not cost money to create.
  • Cons:
    • Quality is dependent on the user and the device recording the video.
    • Often unscripted, the video is a stream of conscience, not an organized thought or message.

Professional, Produced Videos

Professional, produced videos are like commercials uploaded and posted on a social media page.

  • Pros:
    • Video is high quality.
    • Delivers a clear, pre-planned message and can contain text, b-roll (footage that is added to the main shot) and links to direct people to a landing page or website to learn more about the product, event or campaign.
  • Cons:
    • Professional filming and editing costs money.
    • Must be planned ahead of time and cannot be done on the fly.

As experts in the social media and video fields, we believe there is value in both organic and professional videos. When managing a digital campaign for clients, we tend to incorporate a mix of both into the social media message to offer a combination of professional and grassroots visualizations.

If you’re interested in social media videos or page management, reach out to our team to learn about how your page can benefit TODAY!