Catch the excerpts of Brian Dumas, VE’s CEO, weigh in about the shift from traditional to digital campaign activities with the Sioux City Journal.  If your campaign is looking for ways to explore the digital space, let our experts help!

There is a “heavy shift” to digital platforms for both advertising and traditional campaign activities, according to Brian Dumas of Quad Cities-based Victory Enterprises, which works with Republican candidates but is not involved in this year’s Iowa Senate race.

“In the past, you would have a traditional campaign headquarters where you’d have 20 to 30 volunteers making calls or commuting to a town or neighborhood to door-knock,” Dumas said. “That’s being replaced by people doing it from the comfort of home. They’re organizing friends and family, organizing their own digital Rolodex.”

That’s not new, Dumas said, “but we’re going to see a lot more of that.”

Dumas said that’s a natural progression from earlier campaign online platforms.

“Look, people run their lives from their phones,” he said. “This give people more freedom to do it on their own time and manner.”