Did you catch the video President George W. Bush recently released? If not, give it a quick look: https://youtu.be/KZFFkUB7p4c

It is a very simple video with a very powerful message, and Victory Enterprises has the resources and know-how to craft similar content for our clients!

While President Bush’s video doesn’t incorporate standard campaign staples like a logo or a call to action, we are able to tailor the video to your needs and liking. Take a look at this public video we created for Randy Feenstra which demonstrates these concepts well: https://youtu.be/tDz_Els39DU

Wondering where we get our footage? We can use what we have on file in our archives, or stock footage and incorporate the voice of the candidate.

And it’s affordable. We’re able to produce something like this for $250-500.

Want to learn more? Email Ben Muehleisen , VE’s Head of Production, NOW!