As head of Victory Enterprises’ graphic design team, I work on everything from our websites and Virtual Reality experiences to palm cards and digital graphics. Our team is experienced and creative when it comes to bringing your campaign to life.

When a client comes to us, there are three things they need in order to have great graphic design work; PICTURES, VISION, and INDIVIDUALITY.


There is no such thing as too many pictures, but it is easy to have too few. When all we have to work with is a headshot and a family picture, you won’t have a lot of variety on your literature or online graphics.

Consider getting professional pictures taken with your family. Photographers are so much easier to come by these days and it’s more affordable than you think. Ask friends for recommendations. While pictures of yourself and your family are necessary, pictures talking to your friends in different setups can be useful too, such as around town or in an office.

A few tips when it comes to sending pictures to a graphic designer. Make sure the photos are a high resolution, we aim for 300 pixels per inch on print projects. (Sadly, that means saving images from Facebook or any website at 72ppi is not the most ideal route! ) They shouldn’t be blurry or have an unclear subject. Make sure the pictures belong to you and that others in the photos do not object to their likeness being used.


In order to have strong literature, you need to have a vision for what you want to say and how you want to look to voters. Make sure to communicate with your consultant what you want and need from a piece. Do you need people to know more about your story? Do you have some important campaign promises you want to focus on? A slogan that means a lot to you and your community? Knowing what you want to say can help writers and graphic designers know what to focus their design on.

If you have pictures that follow in that theme, share those as well! Pieces that tell your story, for example, can really be improved by pictures from your childhood or old family photos. If you want to communicate your military service, a picture in uniform can really be impactful. Explaining your community service can be easier if you have pictures volunteering. These are all part of having a strong vision for what you want to say. The graphic design team can take it from there!


When you decide to run for office or run an advocacy group, the point you want to deliver is that no one can do the job like you can. While you may be inspired by what other campaigns have done, try not to copy their branding directly. Not only can it get you in some trouble, but it won’t accurately depict who you are as a unique candidate. Embrace what makes you unique and allow your designers to give you a logo and style that is all your own.

At Victory Enterprises, we’re excited and proud to partner with your campaign and create impactful, informative, and useful designs that emphasize your message and connect with voters. The team and I can’t wait to start working with you!